Live Events

Live Events

Nothing beats the experience of live events. The travel, the scheduled meetings, the chance meetings, the networking, the knowledge gain…

Technology Platforms of Live Events

A single event may require multiple different platforms working in tandem to deliver on the event objectives. Listed below are just some of the pre-event systems and activities commonly used to deliver events:

  • Event design and objectives
  • Venue sourcing
  • Registration and delegate management
  • Event communications plan and marketing
  • Content management, from abstracts to exhibitors
  • The configuration and content population of an event app
  • Event survey and feedback tools
  • Budget management, from initial estimates to account reconciliation
  • Post event data analysis and ROI metrics

Event onsite systems include:

  • Checkin and badge printing
  • Walk-in registrations
  • Session scanning
  • Lead capture for exhibitors
  • RFID / Tracking using smart badges
  • Audience engagement tools, such as polling, Q&A, live presentations and gamification
  • Event production, including streaming services
  • Data analytics based on session attendance, engagement participation and heatmaps

How can Hybrid Event Solutions help?

Whether you use a single end to end event management platform to deliver your event, or you need to use a combination because of your specific requirements, Hybrid Event Solutions can help with both the platform selection process and its implementation.

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