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The ‘new normal’ for events

As we start 2024 the Covid-19 pandemic seems a long way in the past. But the pandemic has created a ‘new normal’ for the events industry, which was devastated by the lockdowns and continual rule changes during the pandemic – hybrid events.

Hybrid events combine the best of the Live experience with a Virtual one for those who prefer to attend the event remotely. A hybrid event is more than simply placing a camera in the back of a conference room – it requires careful planning to ensure both live and remote attendees have a common and fulfilling experience throughout the lifecycle of the event.

Hybrid event example – panel session

How Hybrid Event Solutions can help you

Hybrid Event Solutions comprises a team of event technologists, producers and managers who can help deliver your event, using your preferred #EventTech platform or our recommendation – we are platform-neutral, so will always advise you on the solution that best fits your objectives. We can work with:

  • Any company organising an event – we can deliver the event from end-to-end
  • Event and marketing agencies – we can be their #EventTech partner
  • #EventTech platform providers – we can be their delivery partner

75% of event planners struggle to keep up with #eventtech

Source: Eventsforce research

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What We Do

Our specialisation is a unique one – we know both events and technology very well. So if you are looking for a live event, a virtual event or a combination of the two, we can offer a wide range of custom services, from advice for a single event, through to system integrations for strategic solutions.

75% of event planners struggle to keep up with #eventtech

Source: Eventsforce research

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Our Solutions

Whether it’s a live event, a virtual event or a combination of both, our solutions cover the entire lifecycle of an event. We can advise or manage, as required by our clients. And uniquely, we can offer our solutions as part of an overall package, or as a standalone service.

COVID-19 Security

Although the pandemic seem like a long way in the past, Covid secure events are here to stay

Badge Printing and Session Scanning

A secure, efficient and touchless badging solution is essential to set the right tone for your event


Are we all doing enough? The simple answers are no, but we can all start by measuring the amount of carbon our events emit

Venue and Platform Selection

Carefully selecting the right venue and technology platform are the first steps to a successful event

Event Registration and Communications

Finding the best solution for your attendee management and ticketing, for both live and remote attendees

Custom Branding

All our solutions are branded to our clients’ requirements, from colours and logos, through to a custom website domain name

Content Strategy

Content is one of the main reasons attendees attend events, so an easy way to share content between live and remote attendees is key


Communication between attendees is key to the success of an event – online and onsite attendees should be able to chat, talk and video call

Speaker Management

Supporting guest speakers by providing advice, rehearsals and one-to-one coaching to allow them to focus only on delivering their content

Event Production

Both live and online production teams have to work in sync to ensure all attendees gain the full benefits of the event

Data Protection (GDPR)

Events process large volumes of personal data – all our solutions respect data protection legislations to ensure compliance with regulations

Analytics and ROI

Both live and virtual attendees provide large volumes of data – the key is to ask the right questions of the data to gain valuable insights

Top #eventtech challenges – implementation and integration time, adoption of tech, and limited tech skills

Source: Eventsforce research

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Our Processes

We are hot on processes, as processes deliver efficiencies! We take a systematic approach to all client projects, starting by understanding their objectives and deliverables, then create a plan showing the responsibilities of both parties.


First, we find out what you want to achieve and your objectives


Then, we research and recommend the optimum solution to meet your objectives


Next, we use our event and project management skills to deliver your objectives


We help you analyse the data to gain valuable insights from the event

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