About Us

Hybrid Event Solutions consists of a team of event planners and event technologists who deliver events, regardless of whether they are Hybrid, Virtual or Live. We start by sourcing the right venue and platform for a client brief – we work independently of event platforms, so always look to use the technology that best fits the client’s needs and objectives.

As well as working on clients events, we can also partner with agencies / PCOs, production companies, venues, or with any other third party in the industry. We can provide end to end event delivery, or we can operate just as the technology partner, allowing our partners to focus on their core skills.

And we can provide stand alone production services.

Our strength is in mastering event technology – we have used many #eventtech systems and can quickly pick up a new one. The two images below show the types of technology systems that exist for live events, and where during the events lifecycle they are used. The first image shows the entire lifecycle (which could be weeks, months, or years), while the second one focuses on the event days and onsite technology.

For Hybrid events, a virtual component will also be required. The key is to have the live and virtual experiences in sync so all attendees have a common event experience.

Hybrid Event Solutions is a part of Smartec Business Solutions, which has been operating since 2013 and specializes in driving operational efficiency in the meetings and events industry through the optimal use of technology. Its services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Data Analytics
  • System Integration
  • Outsourced Event Technology Services

Its solutions range from event delivery to Global Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) implementations. Smartec also carries out process reviews for event organizations, often followed by business process re-engineering to help the organization work efficiently.

Smartec is independent and impartial and can work with any meetings and events technology platform, including CventAventri (now Stove)EvedLenosVenueDirectory / Gratis, BookIt, MeetingboxEventsforceInEventCrowdComms and many more.

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