Hybrid Events

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is the best of both worlds – a live event for onsite attendees, and a virtual event for remote attendees. However, it is more than simply placing a camera at the back of a conference or meeting room – it requires great planning to ensure both attendee types have a common experience.  This includes features such as networking between attendees, content sharing, agenda management, speaker management, Q&A and polling engagement, etc. With some attendees in the room, and some remote, careful consideration is required to ensure all attendees can get the most out of the event and feel like active participants.

Hybrid Event Platforms

 As with virtual event platforms, there is a plethora of ‘new’ hybrid event platforms on the market. Some of these only focus on the virtual event aspect, whilst some are ‘traditional’ #EventTech systems that now combine their delegate management strengths with a virtual delivery feature.  Which platform is best for your requirements depends on a number of factors… but let HybridEventSolutions.com carry out the legwork for you. Simply submit your event requirements and we can help you find the platform that best suits your needs. 

Features of Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events require all the features of virtual events PLUS the features of live event. Key features to look out for include:  

  • Venue sourcing
    • Adhere to local social distancing guidelines
  • Registration and attendee management
    • For both live and remote attendees using a single process
  • Event communications
    • Different communications strategies for live and remote attendees
  • Session and agenda management
    • Live and remote sessions may feature different content
  • Speaker management
    • Live and remote speakers will require different processes
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors
    • Managing both a live and virtual booth at the same time
  • Event Production
    • Production requirements for a remote audience will be different to a live audience
  • Onsite badging
    • Contactless and secure preferred

How can Hybrid Event Solutions help?

There are so many hybrid event platforms, how do you know which one you should choose? You can either arrange to have a dozen demos before deciding which one is right for you… or you can ask Hybrid Event Solutions for a free quote! Simply fill in this form with your brief, and our consultants will recommend the optimal solution for you based on your specific requirements. Or fill in the form below.

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